KLRU PPS Thanks again for sharing [GoingGreen] early to meet our schedule, as well as sharing the Discussion Guide and enthusiasm about our Family Choice initiative. We are thrilled to have been able to select GoingGreen for March.

[Each month KLRU TV in Austin identifies a Family Choice program that will interest and engage family members, ages 7 and up].
KLRU (PBS), Austin, Texas

riba usa GoingGreen proves that the basics of eco-friendly living are not only inexpensive they can also be fun. Itís an easy guide to making the difference that matters in ways that are especially tailored to the needs of families and kids. GoingGreen is a delightful entertainment that can seriously change lives.

TRoyal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)-USA, (Los Angeles)
Mary Cordaro [GoingGreen] is so worthwhile, beautifully produced, and such a major contribution [to the environmental cause].
Mary Cordaro, Healthy Home Expert and
Certified Bau-Biologist
CSUN I found the film quite effective in its mission…and conveyed a clear message that could be effectively internalized by a young audience. Audiences would likely come away with ideas for how things could be done differently, on an everyday basis. The narration is clear and evocative, and supports the visual message of the film
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
California State University, Northridge
caroline davis [GoingGreen] is an outstanding teaching tool for people of all ages and presented in a format that is enjoyable to watch and simple to understand. Segments include “checklists” to help make your home a real eco-home and truly makes it fun for kids and adults to change some basic elements around the home that can, collectively, make a huge difference to the way we live and relate to the planet.
Caroline Davies, Environmental Photographer and Journalist
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