Here is a wonderful documentary that teaches everyone about Going Green.... all the information that you need to make your home a more Eco friendly place is in this DVD.....We approve “Going Green: Every Home an Eco-Home” with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.
The Dove Foundation
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Though many want to live an environmentally responsible life, few know how to accomplish this. This DVD provides some practical and inexpensive methods for earth-friendly living. Host Tony Shalhoub introduces Julia Russell, an environmentalist who leads a group of middle-school students on an enjoyable and educational hands-on "going green" tour of a Los Angeles environmental demonstration "eco-home."


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...Delivering the message that a lifestyle designed to protect and maintain the health and well-being of Earth’s life support systems is equally beneficial to our personal health and well- being – and that it is doable, fun and creative. GOINGGREEN is recommended
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Library Journal ...Promoting personal lifestyles that are easier on our environment...
...A tour of an “eco-home” in the Los Angeles area... demonstrating many ecological features....
...Recommended for public libraries.

Surrey Public Library, British Columbia
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Founding director of the Eco-Home Network, Julia Russell, conducts a hands-on tour of her eco-friendly home in Los Feliz, California for several middle school students….. This classroom-friendly film can be stopped for discussion. A useful teacher’s guide can be downloaded... Science and home economics classes can utilize this film to spur further research and projects.

Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL
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