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Discussion Guide GOINGGREEN is now available for streaming or download on Vimeo-On-Demand.
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Discussion Guide GOINGGREEN is available on Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Instant Video for online rental or purchase. Thanks to our digital distributor, Indie Rights Movies! Please Click Here.

Discussion Guide The Dove Foundation has given GOINGGREEN a great review (4 Doves) and its Seal of Approval as recommended family entertainment for all ages. The Dove Foundation is a non-profit that has been encouraging and reviewing family films for over 20 years. Thank you Dove Foundation!
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GOINGGREEN can be watched online on many different platforms either as a rental (streaming) or as a download to own. Two of the sites showing GOINGGREEN are Google Play and YoutubeMovies. Watch GG on your computer, phone, tablet or other device. Click on either link to see our trailer and then watch the whole show.

DVDs of GOINGGREEN are available on this website, Click Here.
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Awards & Honors

Internet Movie Database,, lists GOINGGREEN in its
Best 100 films about Global Warming.

Recommendations for If Kids Ruled the World 2008.  The Internet Movie Database ( rated GOINGGREEN one of the 10 best Children's Programs.

The Directors Guild of America nominated Judith Vogelsang, GOINGGREEN's director, for outstanding directorial achievement in a Television Children's Program.

KLRU-TV, the PBS affiliate in Austin, Texas, selected GOINGGREEN as Family Program of the Month.