About Us

GoinGGreen Productions was formed through the partnership of Mary Proteau and Judith Vogelsang, award-winning filmmakers specializing in environmental media. GOINGGREEN -- Every Home an Eco-Home was developed over a period of many years and thanks to our fiscal sponsor, the non-profit Eco-Home™ Network, and to the program’s sponsors -- Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, LA Department of Water & Power, Sanitation Districts of LA County and the LA Department of Public Works -- the fiercely independent and informative video became a reality in 2005.

GOINGGREEN arrived just in time to meet a growing national awareness of the necessity for everyone on the planet to try to live more sustainably. In 2006, GOINGGREEN received distribution on DVD by Green Planet Films (www.greenplanetfilms.org) and soon several other educational and institutional distributors followed (see our list of distributors on our BUY A DVD page).

From 2007 through 2009, NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association) distributed the program to PBS stations across the country and on cable and satellite in Canada. This has led to more DVD distribution as well as library and school screenings. GOINGGREEN now has digital distribution on amazon.com, google play, youtube movies, vimeo on demand and many other platforms including on-demand cable TV and online sites. The Directors Guild of America nominated GOINGGREEN's director, Judith Vogelsang, for a TV Award in Children's Programming.

The GG Team is pleased with the success of GOINGGREEN and has worked with classroom teachers to make the content conform to the curriculum in Environmental Science for Grades 5 through 12 in California. We also tried to provide an entertaining, fast-paced program with a big dose of humor and easy, affordable tips we can all do at home in every segment. We remain very grateful to triple Emmy-winning and eco-savvy actor Tony Shalhoub for his narration and invaluable contribution to the show. The downloadable companion Discussion Guide, suitable for classroom or community groups is popular with teachers and students and provides background info, activities, Q & A and extensive Resources.

Because GOINGGREEN provides such basic information about how to make our homes more eco-friendly and is presented in a family friendly format that appeals to kids as well as adults, we are committed to continue offering the program on DVD, on television, in classrooms, libraries, community groups and on the internet -- until every home really is an eco-home!


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